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In Burundi, in times of peace, when this small country in the heart of Africa was proudly called "country of milk and honey", a land of peace, honest men spent their day in their fields growing beans, corn, peas and finger millet.

From the sunrise to the zenith, each head of the family, accompanied by his wife and his adult children went to plow his fields.

But young children were not forgotten. Some stayed at home to take care of the family meal, cleanliness, small livestock. Others, more motivated and anxious to follow the paternal example, asked to be introduced to field work before the hour and sneaked, a small hoe on the shoulder, in the Indian file running through a zigzag trail to the valleys .

To these enlightened and energetic young people, the parents granted a piece of land called in Kiribari "icibare", where they could practice planting vegetables and fruits. And what pride for both young people and parents when you tasted the fruit of the labor of the youngest who happily offered his few grains of beans harvested with love and fervor.

Similarly, Iriba, through the construction of the Center for Young Icibare in Ngozi, would like to offer young Burundians, full of energy unfortunately bruised by the war, a piece of land, "icibare", a framework of fulfillment where they could practice culture and receive a solid education for the human values ​​of peace and work.

Iriba wants to build a youth center in Ngozi consisting of a library, a computer room, an auditorium - conference, three multipurpose classes, playgrounds, a gym, offices and a youth hostel .