Culture, Peace & Developement
Culture, Peace & Developement
Culture, Peace & Developement


As a builder of the future, you manifest the desire to improve the lives of young people in Africa. When a known person joins IRIBA, it is often because she has already proven her dedication to this cause. Celebrities are in a position d’attirer l’attention du monde on the needs of young people, both in their own country and on the ground when they visit our programs. They can speak directly to those who are able to make things happen. They can use their talent and notoriety to raise funds and advocate for youth, as well as to support IRIBA's actions.

VOLUNTEER Volunteer work is more than just good action. You can meet new people and you can let your talents show. You have the opportunity to gain experience and new skills or to enter the job market.


Please use the form below to make a donation. Your contribution is essential to enable us to reach our goal of lifting young people out of poverty. When the cumulative amount of your donations reaches 40 euros, you are entitled to tax return document for the total amount of your donations. IRIBA automatically sends the certificates during the month of March of the year following the donations. The donations give right to a tax reduction of 45% of the donations made.

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Projects of Iriba



'Well in my sneakers' is a project that brings together young people from 15 to 25 years old, from different cultures, around […]


The project is to create a business incubator for the African diaspora in Brussels. Le Morgen’Afrika […]


On the strength of these experiences, IRIBA mobilizes this summer 2018, young people from Europe, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, […]

6 months ago


Bien Dans Mes Baskets: Arrivée des basketteuses belges à Kigali, Rwanda. ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago


Réception organisée par l'ambassade de Belgique à Kigali, à l'hôtel Onomo. ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago


« Bien dans mes baskets », Huye, Rwanda 2019. ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago


Sous la lune de Kigali. ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago


"Bien dans mes baskets" est un projet d'échanges entre jeunes belges, rwandais et burundais, basé sur le basketball ... See MoreSee Less

IRIBA, Culture, Peace & Development

IRIBA is a non-profit association "ASBL" operational in different countries: IRIBA Europe under Belgian law, IRIBA Africa under Burundian law, IRIBA America under Canadian law and IRIBA FM under Congolese law..

Umoja Youth Project



Based on these experiences, IRIBA mobilizes this summer 2018, young people from Europe, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo around the construction of a Youth Entrepreneurship Center in Nakivale, Uganda.

But the construction site is only a drop in the humanitarian ocean, the importance of the action lies mainly in intercultural exchange, awareness of distant themes of Western daily life through a strong experience in a poorly known society. This is why UMOJA participants will benefit from an awareness of various major issues such as migration, peaceful conflict resolution and globalization. The trip will also include a program of activities and intercultural exchanges that will take place during the evening and a few days of excursions and visits to the country. UMOJA, it's not a simple trip. UMOJA is meetings, intercultural exchanges and especially a development project. An experience that can only be unforgettable and rewarding ...

Are you motivated? Do you want to be here? Are you european? Are you between 16 and 26? Register or contact us at tel. 0477 73 11 24

Well in my sneakers

"Well in my sneakers" is a project that brings together young people from different cultures, around a common passion, basketball.


Audrey Hanard

Me, Iriba and Burundi: narrative of an initiatory journey

Before this summer there was me, the fruit of a hazardous meeting of a sperm and an egg and twenty years of education, meetings and discoveries of all kinds.   I am then a student in first license d management engineer at the ULB and eager to discover the world.

Gynel Ininahazwe

My little country with a big heart

I tell you about my country in a humorous way
Because the truth is more than dramatic
I am a young man among others having lost his roots
A small country with a big heart, Burundi, my origins
SN is his good meal on the way ...

Karel De Gucht

Youth is the future of tomorrow. In Belgium as in Burundi

How, then, do not support a project that brings together and opens perspectives of solidarity on both sides? On the one hand, young Belgians will return as privileged witnesses of a world to be built. Their action has helped to provide a roof and draw attention to a community ...

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