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The project is to create a business incubator for the African diaspora in Brussels.

The Morgen'Afrika is a support structure for the African diaspora with projects and creators of innovative companies focused on Africa. It intervenes from the formalization of the idea and the concept, until the creation of the company. Coached by professionals and experts, young people can mount and test their project concretely.

The Morgen'Afrika is a business incubator allowing young people from the diaspora selected to:

To be put in touch with other young people remaining in Africa, coached in incubators in Africa; To test in real size, during 1 to 2 years, the viability of their commercial project; without social, financial or legal risk; Benefit from a temporary status that allows them to charge for the services and / or sale of their products under the legal supervision of Morgen'Afrika; Benefit from personalized support and seminars; Have financial support and logistical support.