Umoja Youth Project

Peacebuilding Project in the Great Lakes Region (eac + rdc)

The project "umoja youth project" consists of bringing together young Burundians, Tanzanians, Rwandans, Ugandans, Kenyans, Congolese and Europeans around a development aid activity. They will participate, in Uganda, in the construction of a primary school in the Nakivale refugee camp. This action will enable young Burundese, Congolese and South Sudanese refugees, mainly those in Nakivale camp and the surrounding area, to benefit from a school and a framework for sports, cultural and intellectual development.

In addition to the project, participants in the "Umoja Youth Project" will benefit from awareness raising and training on various major current issues: the promotion of integration in the East African community and its benefits, a market the region, peace and security, subregional cooperation, refugee integration and globalization.

The stay will also include a program of intercultural exchange activities that will take place in the evening. It will include video-forums, cultural vigils (dances, songs, poetry, theater, etc.) and sports activities. Five days will also be spent on excursions, visits to the country and meetings with Ugandan authorities.

Beyond material aid and intercultural exchange, the goal of the Umoja Youth Project will be to draw the attention of the East African community as well as the authorities of the member countries of this community on the issues of the building democracy and lasting peace in the region.

Finally, the stay will continue and will lead to the establishment of an exhibition of photographs to illustrate the lives of young refugees and the realization of a documentary film that will report on the action taken.

This photo exhibition and this film will both be presented to the East African Parliament, the Belgian Federal Parliament, the European Parliament, and the Youth Week in the capitals of the EAC countries.