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Good in my sneakers

'Good in my sneakers' is a project that brings together young people from 15 to 25 years old, from different cultures, around a common passion, basketball. Two basketball teams (one boys and one girls) from Brussels, Belgium will correspond with two teams from Huye, Rwanda, from March to June, by video-clips via a website.

In July, the 4 teams will meet in Rwanda, in Huye around the construction of a basketball court.

In addition to the project, the afternoons will be devoted to training workshops on various themes: North-South cooperation, success and basketball, team spirit, fair play, mutual aid & communication, Respect of the rules (empowerment), the management of the emotions, Valorisation of the competences of each one & Adaptation of the relation to the other (Mixité girls - boys), etc.

Their stay will also include cultural exchanges, organized in the evenings: dances, quizzes, theater, songs, video-forum, etc. A tournament will be organized in weekend with two other teams coming from Burundi, in the province of Ngozi neighbor.

The benefits of the stay will continue through the production of a documentary film, a series of radio and television programs, a website and a photo exhibition to report on the action taken.

Like the other young projects that IRIBA is organizing, the exhibition and the film will be presented to the Belgian Federal Parliament, the Rwandan Parliament and the European Parliament.