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Invest in the future of Burundi and the Great Lakes Region.

peace and towards peace.

Youth is the future of tomorrow. In Belgium as in Burundi.

How, then, do not support a project that brings together and opens perspectives of solidarity on both sides? On the one hand, young Belgians will return as privileged witnesses of a world to be built. Their action has helped to provide a roof and draw attention to a denigrated community but also, on the other side, will have allowed other young people to take courage to build the future of their country.

That is why Belgium encourages international youth exchanges and introductory initiatives to international politics.

Burundi is an important cooperation partner of Belgium in the framework of an action plan for the Great Lakes Region, a cooperation that we want in

The country comes out of a war of more than ten years and, in the aftermath of democratic elections, hopes are allowed. We hope that his example will spread throughout the Region. But more than ever, he needs the courage of his youth and the support of the international community. Belgium remains a committed partner and continues to advocate Burundi's cause within the international community.

A long way remains to be done to restore peace in the heart of the Burundian population. This path passes through the annihilation of internal discrimination. And we hope that the meeting between young people will contribute to the fight against the factors of division so that the new generations, in the North as in the South, can prepare a better future based on peaceful relations and mutual understanding.

Karel De Gucht Minister of Foreign Affairs