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An unforgettable experience

The forum has the specialty of bringing together young people from different countries. From there, there is a diversity of nationalities, religion and culture, but this in no way constitutes a factor of misunderstanding. We come together to build something concrete for the development of many disadvantaged people. What makes us different does not matter, only mutual help gives us the strength to succeed.

Everything is done together: whether it is the work on the site or the visits to the centers, everything is done in groups. In the evenings, the organized activities help all the forum members to relax by participating in different games, dances and riddles. We laugh, we dance, we cry with joy. Having come from far and having abandoned their habits, foreigners conform to the conditions of the country. Unaccustomed to the machete and the hoe, they lend a hand to the Burundians helping them to build their country. To facilitate good communication, they learn the national language.

Young foreigners discover the dishes of Burundi. They do not complain about intense work, but are rather satisfied with the work they have done. Burundian songs enliven the atmosphere under a blazing sun. Joy erases everything that can be felt like fatigue. A frame of expression is created to allow the young people to express their disagreement as well as their joy to the forum. Group leaders, who are themselves participants in the forum, convey the message to the coaches during group leader meetings.

The workshops help us learn a lot about pottery, how to play traditional drums, traditional dances, rap, slam and poetry.

The trip we made after the forum was an opportunity for me to discover the country. It's a little surprising because even though I'm from the country, I did not know my country perfectly. We get lost in these green immensities rich in wildlife and

flora. It feels calm, serenity and well-being. I wish they lasted longer.

Unfortunately, the forum can not drag on and we must leave each other. Which is very painful! Yet, we keep many beautiful memories of having spent beautiful moments together. the actual forum does not stop there because there are and there will always be people in need. It is a very commendable act that helps a lot my Burundian brothers and sisters in need. I have just experienced unforgettable experiences.

Gladys -Signorine Niyoyitungiye Burundi, Bujumbura Participant