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My little country with a big heart

I speak to you of my country in a humorous way Because the truth is more than dramatic I am a young among others having lost its roots A small country with big heart Burundi my origins SN is its good meals on the way of the discovery Poor but rich families at the bottom who fed me and covered

A well-founded association that allowed me to remoove Reminded me of where I came from and come back much more often Interesting conferences, fruitful workshops Reminded me that I was a young tree that could to give good fruits People have invested themselves as if the country was theirs Coming from the 4 corners of the world traveling for hours They carried on their back the misfortune of the others Hardening to the shipyard Blacks and Whites side by side I will go door to door because I intend to make myself heard We all have a pole in the right hand it was time for me to extend it

The smile of the peasants did not leave me indifferent

There was love and misery despite our differences We find peace in a country that has experienced real massacres We are all the same! Message to which I devote myself Why go to war if your enemy is like you

It's only a waste of time, all of it to end up in ashes. I was personally touched by the lives of the Batwa Society members living en masse under a small roof. hit the mind I also want to hit yours when I write, when I express myself I want to thank the people who allowed me to go there Who contributed to the reconstruction of my little country with a big heart

I come from Europe, but my mind stays in Africa When I come down to the country it is not to spend my money I share the suffering of the hell that my brothers live Diseases reign on their lands apart from what they want you do it Often times in Europe, we dramatize for little While my brothers on the other side are fighting for causes For us, everything is available so take full advantage If you have money to waste better put it in funds.

Gynel Ininahazwe Artist Belgium, Brussels Participant